MAXBET REGISTER – How To Register only in 5 Minutes !

MAXBET REGISTER - How To Register only in 5 Minutes
MAXBET REGISTER - How To Register only in 5 Minutes

Maxbet Register – How To Register only in 5 Minutes !
On this tutorial We will give you a complete step by step on how to register in maxbet, with image explanation.

First thing first, before you read about this maxbet register tutorial.
Did you know already about maxbet ?
What is maxbet ?

If you doesn’t know yet. Please let us give you a short introduction for it.
Maxbet is an online gambling company or provider for gambling application.
We are well known in sportsbook games. A live betting for sports event.
Many years pass already and maxbet is still standing here and keep growing.
We spread our wings into almost all asian country.

We using the best technology to support all our member in sports gambling.
Make sure you are all set up and can enjoy the best moment of your sports event while you can earn more money with us here. If you can watch, enjoy the game and get the bonus for more money easily, why not ?.

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Let’s join us and place your bet here, right now !

  • For the first step, please click this button to register

    >>> JOIN NOW <<<

  • After you click that button, you will see a new browser window like below
    maxbet register
    in this page, you have to fill all the columns with your own personal data. Make sure you put your real data and bank account number. Because, once you win the bet, we will transfer it to your personal bank account. So, it’s very crucial that you have to put in your mind.

    • Username is same with what we call an “ID”. It will be use for you credential login code.
      just for a sample, you can register a username with your own name and birthday date.
    • For email address, this one is also important. Because you will be need it when you forget your password. If later maybe you lost your password, you have to reset it, and our system will generate the new password and send it into your mailbox. Without that, you will not be able to retrieve your password or account anymore. You take a note for this one.
    • After you fill it up the registration form, just hit the ” SUBMIT ” button there.
    • Maxbet Register is Done !
      The registration is complete, even it will be completed under five minutes.
  • After Register, how to make first deposit ? – Maxbet Register
    • Under your username, there will be an icon menu with wallet and $ coin.
      Click on that icon. ( see image below )
      Maxbet Register
  • New deposit window will pop up in front of you
    • Maxbet Register
    • See that image. (above)
      Right now, you are in the the deposit menu. See image on left above.
      Have the menu show like : Deposit | Transfer | Withdrawal

      • Deposit is for top up your balance.
      • Transfer is for you move the balance from main wallet to game wallet or vice versa.
      • Withdrawal is for transfer the winning amount back to your bank account.
    • Back to the deposit topic. If you using an internet transaction, it’s very easy and comfortable.
      You can direct chose the ” Payment Method : Payment Online
      This menu will lead you to Help2Pay payment gateway system.
      Just fill like in the image for sample, and the click “NEXT” blue button.

      • After that it will link to the particular Online Banking page for the deposit process.
        Once the funds is successfully tranferred then system will approve your deposit transaction automatically by adding the credit into your main wallet.
        ( Like below image for the interface of Help2Pay )
        Maxbet Registerif you still want to know the full proccess regarding how to use the Help2Pay system,
        Please click it here >>> Help2Pay Step by Step
    • If you using an ATM or Manual Transfer, choose ” Local Transfer
      Will show up the bank account detail for deposit manually.
  • If deposit is already successful, then now you have to move it to Maxbet Game Wallet
    • Same menu like before you deposit, just for now,
      choose and click menu that show “TRANSFERTransfer From : Main Wallet
      Transfer To : i-Sport ( Maxbet Sportsbook )
      Promotion List : Choose the bonus that you want to claim
      (if you don’t want to claim any bonus, so you may ignore this selection or choose “No, Thanks“)
      Amount : Please fill in the amount that you want to transfer
      After that SUBMITDONE, your balance will be in our Maxbet Sportsbook Game.
  • Now open Our Maxbet Sportsbook ( i-Sport ), click and you will see
    • how to register maxbetThat is our Maxbet Sportsbook page.
      Right there you can see game type menu on left side.

      • HDP & OU : Handicap & Over Under
      • 1X2 : 1 for Home Team Win, X for draw result win, 2 for Away Team Win
      • Mix Parlay : for place a bet of many match ( minimum 3 ) in a single bet ticket.
    • As you can see, not only soccer event that we provide, we provide almost all the sports event around the world. Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Biliard, E-Sport, MotoGp, F1 and many more.
  • How To Place A Bet in Maxbet Sportsbook ( i-Sport )
    • You are all set by now. It’s easy if you ask, then how i suppose to do if i want to place a bet after doing all those things ?. You can directly click on the ODDS. For an example, let see below image.
      how to place a bet in Maxbet

      • Above image is show sample for the match:
        Sydney FC vs Perth Glory
        The match already running 25 minutes First Half. Score Already 1-0.
        i click on the odds 1,09 in FT. Handicap Column
        This mean, i bet in Asian Handicap Game Type, and score will be count from 0-0 again.
        Goal happen before will not be counted.
      • Click ” Proccess Bet ” to Confirm your stake amount and lock that game.
      • i place a stake : 1.000
        The system already generate a calculation if my stake win full.
        If i win, it will be become 2.070, Why become 2.070 ?
      • Please take a look again. on left side :
        • Handicap
        • Sydney FC
        • -1.00 [1-0] @ 1.07 > see this ?
        • that mean, when i click odds is 1.09, but odds is live. So it will change if i’m not fast enough to place a stake before its change.
        • so, i place a stake 1.000. mean, 1.000 x 1,07 = 1.070
        • 1.070 + my bet amount = 2.070 ( this amount i will take back if win )
        • -1.00 > this mean i support Sydney FC and give one goal to the opponent first.
          mean, score already become 0-1 since the first time a place a bet.
          so, Sydney FC have to win with 2 goal if i want to win this game.

MAXBET REGISTER – How To Register only in 5 Minutes !

Okey now that’s all for our tutorial regarding ” Maxbet Register
We hope our explanation will make you easier to know our product and service more.
You can give your opinion or suggestion to our customer services officer in the live chat.
And yes, our live chat service is 24 hours and 7 days open for you, our loyalty customer.