World Cup – Messi Argentine National Team and Spanish Goverment

World Cup Messi Argentine National Team and Spanish Goverment

World Cup 2018, Messi Not Dare to Speak Final and Spain

Lionel Messi said he did not want to talk much about the 2018 World Cup
and is likely to break the finals in Russia next year.

Messi has never won a single trophy with the Argentine national team at senior level.
He almost did it several times, including when Albiceleste enter the 2014 World Cup finals,
before lose to Germany.

La Pulga recently attended a gala where he received a Pichichi and Alfredo di Stefano trophy.

Spanish media then asked if he would be happy if he could meet with La Roja national team
in the 2018 World Cup finals.

“I do not know if the final against Spain will be a dream,” according to Marca.

“It’s definitely going to be great to play in the final again.”

“But first, we have to think about the group phase, which is not easy, and then we’ll see what happens.”

Argentina Can be a World Champion, if Messi….

Argentina can win the 2018 World Cup in Russia if Lionel Messi is able to show his best performance,
according to Juan Roman Riquelme.

After undergoing difficulties in the qualifying round,
Jorge Sampaoli’s team is not consider as a seed in Russia 2018.

However, Riquelme – who recorded 51 caps in the national team –
believes that Argentina can be one of the teams to watch out for, if Messi show his great skill,
after they were drawn in Group D with Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria.

“We hope to play well, players in good condition, especially Messi,” he said at El Trece.

“If the latter happens, Argentina have a great chance of winning the championship If Messi is in good shape,
nothing will be complicated. I do not know Sampaoli It is important for Argentina to win the World Cup.
We want to celebrate it and if there is a player like Messi you have to rely on it. ”

Messi lost to Cristiano Ronaldo in this year’s Ballon d’Or rivalry, but Riquelme chose to praise the two players when asked about the figure of the world’s best footballer.

“Messi and we are lucky he is Argentine, Cristiano Ronaldo helped Messi and Messi also helped Cristiano Both of them gave each other strength to win all the trophies I think Messi is the best, although both are amazing.

Spain Threatened Drocet from World Cup!

Surprising news re-emerged ahead of the 2018 World Cup.
This time, Spain reportedly threatened will be eliminate from the World Cup finals in Russia next year.

The chaos began when the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF)
President Angel Maria Villar was arrest by Spanish authorities for his corruption at RFEF.

Since proven guilty,
Villar was frozen from his post as RFEF President by the Spanish Government Sports Commission.

The RFEF leadership cast was later taken over by the Spanish Sports Commission,
led by Jose Ramon Lete. After being arrest and dump from RFEF,
Villar also resigned from his post as vice-president of UEFA and FIFA.

But Villar does not want to fall alone. He seems to want to bring the Spanish national team fell with him.
Villar send an official complaint to FIFA,
stating that the Spanish government has been interfering in the internal affairs of the RFEF,
an action that is strictly forbidden by FIFA.

FIFA has several times sentenced to countries whose governments interfere in the affairs of the football federation. Kuwait and Indonesia have been drop out from FIFA membership for the same reason.

Currently FIFA is studying complaints from Villar it.
If they see that the Spanish government is interfering in RFEF affairs,
then Spain’s membership in FIFA could be revoke.

As a result, Spain will not be able to participate in all FIFA tournaments, including the 2018 World Cup.

The new RFEF Presidential Election will be an important benchmark for FIFA.
If the elections are democratically assessed without government interference,
FIFA will be able to forgive Spain even though to date Villar has confirm that the RFEF is under pressure and political influence from the Spanish government.

The president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) who was tripping over the case, Angel Maria Villar, warned that local government intervention could put the national team out of the 2018 World Cup.

Villar was dismiss from his post last July and is now awaiting appeals
after being accuse of embezzling funds and falsifying documents.

FIFA recently confirmed that they have sent a letter to the RFEF,
express the concerns about the independence of the local federation
and remind the Spaniards to make sure the matter was overcome
‘without any third party intervention’.

Villar believes that government interference in his case could threaten Spain’s participation
in the tournament in Russia next year.

“The only one who will be responsible for the absence of the national team at the World Cup is the current administration,” Villar said according to FFT.

“Nobody wants this, let alone me, but there are other national teams like Italy who miss the World Cup and will be happy to replace anyone’s place.”

However, the comments were denied by La Liga president Javier Tebas, who said:
“Villar is part of FIFA’s old regime and they continue to behave like that for 70 years,
spreading threats and fears.That will not happen, because FIFA has entered a new era now . ”

Sports secretary Jose Ramon Lete added:
“Firstly, Spain gets the right to play in the World Cup in a brilliant way and it’s totally inviolable,
I’m sure the Spanish place is not at all threaten.”

World Cup – Messi Argentine National Team and Spanish Goverment