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Final match 2016/17 UEFA Champions League, is the 62nd season of Europe’s premier club soccer
tournament organize by UEFA, and the 25th
season since it was renamed from
European Champion Clubs Cup to UEFA Champions League.

Final match of the Champions League will be played at
the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff City,
Wales on 3rd June 2017.

The winners of Champions League will earn the rights to play against the winners from 2016/17
UEFA Europa League in the UEFA Super Cup 2017 .

The winners of Champions League will also qualify to enter FIFA Club World Cup semifinals
as the UEFA representative.


The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff City, was announced for final
venue on 30 June 2015, The Executive Committee meeting was
held in Prague, Czech Republic.

The Millennium stadium was entered into a
naming rights deal with Principality Building Society on 2016
that saw it renamed to the “Principality Stadium”.

But due to regulations, to use names of non tournament sponsors,
they decide to continue use “Millennium Stadium” in official literature,
meanwhile the name of “National Stadium of Wales”
will be used for the
final match itself.

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